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Re: FAQ writing tips (Re: combining all zope2 FAQs into one big one at wiki.zope., org/zope2)
cc'ing from zope list:
> PS, here's a word of warning to FAQ writers from my own experience, a
> trap to avoid:
> You start writing answers for questions - it's so easy and tempting -
> later you find better answers out on the web, even elsewhere in the
> same wiki, but now you have a big, verbose body of duplicated docs
> that's too good to throw away but not quite valuable enough to attract
> a lot of maintenance. Result: stagnation.
> How to avoid this ? Maybe keeping these goals in mind will help:
> - research, link, gather, consolidate docs first; write new ones as
> last resort
> - keep answers in the faq short and to the point, link to best
> detailed docs elsewhere
> - avoid unnecessary duplication. Use the contents link to see what's
> in the zope2 and other zope wikis. Refactor the wiki content
> aggressively when appropriate.
> Also, long wiki pages are less fun to edit than short ones, use an
> external editor for FAQ work to avoid this pain. Emacs users, try
> rst-mode.el.
> -Simon

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