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Re: [Zope] First Zope 4 beta release in preparation
Am 24.08.2017 um 22:28 schrieb Christopher Lozinski <>:
> First thank you for all of the of hard work.
> Actually I should say, thank you for all of the very hard work.
> Can we add grok-dev to this discussion list?

Zope 4 is the successor of Zope 2.13 but Grok is based on Zope 3 libraries. Whereas Zope 3 was a complete re-implementation of Zope from scratch.
For me it does not make sense to take Grok into the loop of the Zope 4 release messages. Grok and Zope 2 resp. 4 only share some libraries which are Python 3 compatible for some years now and were not touched during the Zope 4 release process.

> So let me ask the obvious question. Are there any simplifications we should make to Zope 4?

There might be some possible ones but I doubt that Grok is the answer. (The Plone folks are ripping out Grok from Plone as it makes Plone more complex instead of easier. It is another way to register components besides the existing one via ZCML and it requires developers to understand both.)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Howitz