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zope-dev created
As threatened, i've created the zope-dev list, and through a bit of
finagling, you're on it. I've duplicated the membership data for the
zope list, so that each of you will have the same password, user
options, digest status, etc, as on the zope list. It's now up to you
to choose whether to keep both memberships, or resign from one or the
other list. And to start posting zope-developer-specific messages to
the zope-dev list, instead of the general zope list.

Ideally, the traffic from both lists, together, will equal what was
being carried by the single consolidated list, so traffic from both,
together, will be no more massive than the consolidated traffic was.
The idea is to _partition_ the traffic from the consolidate zope list,
so cross-posting is strongly discouraged.

In response to my proposal some people suggested more elaborate
schemes for dividing, but i don't currently plan to do that. This
does not mean that there won't be special-interest lists created -
things like the zope documentation project that martijn faassen is
seeding are prime candidates. However, for more wide-focus lists like
zope and zope-dev, it can be hard enough to avoid confusion about what
types of messages should go where - i think it's really important that
the division be fairly simple and straightforward. Thus we're
starting with zope and zope-dev, and will only split further if/when
heavy traffic with clear divisions appears.

In that light, let me try to clarify the division between the zope and
the zope-dev list. The key concept is that there is some significant
portion of the zope user community that just want to use zope to
publish their web content, and would be perfectly happy to not know
the nitty gritty of _how_ zope does it. So if you have a question or
neat trick about running zope or publishing content, or you know of
some resource or public venue for zope that would interest zope
community, it probably belongs on the general zope list. However, if
you want to talk about zope's guts in all it's gory detail, send your
message to zope-dev.

I expect this will take some shaking out, with time. However, i see
that i mistimed my prior test, so you all are already aware of the new
list's existence - i'm going to send this, and let ensuing discussion
clarify as needs be. Feel free to contact me directly if you have
questions or need help with your subscriptions - but note that much
can be done from the respective lists listinfo and roster pages, which
i'll itemize below. (For instance, you can find your subscription
options page by going to the respective roster page an clicking on
your subscription address, and from there unsubscribe or change your
subscription options...)


Ken Manheimer