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RE: selecting lobs from database

I'm running Zope 2.7 with dcoracle2 and trying to select a lob from a
table via python script-zsql method and return it to a dtml document to
be displayed. This is my python script

compoundid = int(compoundid)

resultlist = []

for myrecords in container.select_lob(compoundid=compoundid):

resultlist.append(myrecords.cdbregno) #integer

lob=myrecords['ctab'] #blob


myclob=myrecords['molformula'] #clob


return resultlist

When I run this it displays the cdbrego but displays None for both lob
fields. Is this a data type manipulation issue or is it something
specific to dcoracle2 support for lobs?

The zsql method is a simple select statement select cdbregno, ctab,
molformula from compound_moltable where compound_id = <dtml-sqlvar
compoundid type=int>


Rekha Iyer

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