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=== Products/zzz_generations/README.txt => 1.2 ===
--- Products/zzz_generations/README.txt: Fri Apr 23 15:23:15 2004
+++ Products/zzz_generations/README.txt Tue Mar 21 15:04:49 2006
@@ -2,10 +2,6 @@
more information, see the Zope 3 source code

-By default, when this product is installed, for all applications which
-register with it (via registerManager), it will attempt to update each
-application to the minimum required generation at Zope startup time.
This package is named "zzz_generations" because it relies on the fact
that Product initialization happens in alphabetical order; it needs to
be the last product initialized in order to be able work all the other

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