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[ZC] 157/ 1 Request "Cure to Zope hangups on Linux 2.2"
Issue #157 Update (Request) "Cure to Zope hangups on Linux 2.2"
Status Pending, ZServer/bug critical
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= Request - Entry #1 by sf on Jan 17, 2002 3:06 pm

Uploaded: "patch"
Zope used to hang up with the following messages:

2002-01-07T11:30:17 ERROR(200) ZServer uncaptured python exception, closing channel <select-trigger (pipe) at 8227934> (exceptions.OSError:[Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable [/home/zope2/Zope-2.5.0b3-linux2-x86/ZServer/medusa/|poll|94] [/home/zope2/Zope-2.5.0b3-linux2-x86/ZServer/medusa/|handle_read_event|391] [/home/zope2/Zope-2.5.0b3-linux2-x86/ZServer/medusa/thread/|handle_read|77] [/home/zope2/Zope-2.5.0b3-linux2-x86/ZServer/medusa/|recv|343] [/home/zope2/Zope-2.5.0b3-linux2-x86/ZServer/medusa/|recv|524])

This bug has been annoying me for almost 1 year !

Now, in the last 2 says I was able to:

1) Realize that this bug is happening on Linux 2.2, but not Linux 2.4 !

2) Correct the bug !

See attached file for the patch.