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Announcement: GenericSetup 1.5.0b1 released
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Tres Seaver wrote:
> I would like to push out a beta for GS 1.5 today: any outstanding
> issues or features nearly-ready-to-commit which should block that?

GS 1.5.0b1 is available on PyPI:

Sphinx docs are online:

Changelog for 1.5.0b1
- ---------------------

- - LP #388380: removed obsolute STX docs from the package

- - Made export / import features for old-school TextIndex (removed
in Zope 2.12) conditional.

- - Added support for import / export of subscribers from component

- - Adapter removal.

- - Fix utility removal so utility is not added when it is missing
from the local component registry.

- - Fixed component handler to use 'for' not 'for_' in adapter
directive. To support import of existing profiles 'for_' is
used as a fallback.

- - Changed to directly load zope.traversing's ZCML
instead of going via the Five traversing.zcml BBB shim.

- - Added new feature to the component handler. For factory based
utilities you can now specify an additional id. All factory
based utilities will now by default be added to the site
manager (being an ObjectManager itself) as an object and this
persistent object is registered as the utility. On removal both
the registration and the object are removed. The new id
argument is used to specify the id of the object as set via
`__name__`. This change makes these utilities introspectable in
the ZMI and clearly separates the persistent object and utility
registration aspect.

- - Adjusted TarballImportContext to work with Python 2.6's tarfile

- - Cleaned up / normalized imports:

o Don't import from Globals; instead, use real locations.

o Make other imports use the actual source module, rather than
an intermediate (e.g., prefer importing 'ClassSecurityInfo'
from 'AccessControl.SecurityInfo' rather than from

o Avoid relative imports, which will break in later versions of

- - events: Added 'handleProfileImportedEvent' subscriber. After a
full import it updates 'last version for profile'.

- - UpgradeSteps: Improved listUpgradeSteps behavior. If versions
and checker are specified for a step, the checker is used as an
additional restriction.

- - Don't fail when a sub-item cannot be adapted after creation
when importing a folder.

- - Avoid even an explicit purge of the rolemap if no XML file is
present in a given context.

- - Component registry import: Add the ability to unregister a
component by specifying the "remove" attribute inside a utility
node. (

- - Property import/export tests: Add testing for non-ASCII
properties. (

- - Add 'IChunkedImportContext' interface, allowing RAM-efficient
chunked reads of large files, and implement for

- - Add <genericsetup:upgradeDepends> ZCML tag; defines a
specialized upgrade step that re-applies one or more import
steps from a GS profile during an upgrade process

- - Add 'IChunkedExportContext' interface, allowing RAM-efficient
chunked writes of large files, and implement for

- - Provide default for dependencies when processing metadata.xml,
to avoid a KeyError.

- - Handle utility factories cleanly if zope.component >=3.5.0 is

- - tool and utils: Removed deprecated code.

- - Update PropertyManagerHelpers to make it possible to remove
elements from a property by adding a remove="True" attribute to
the element. This can also be used to reorder elements since
new elements are always added at the end of the list.

- - Made PropertyManagerHelpers class work for non-PropertyManager

o Derived classes can supply a '_PROPERTIES' scehma, which is
then used to mock up a temporary propertysheet for the object.
The adapter's methods ('_extractProperties',
'_purgeProperties', '_initProperties') then run against that

- - Added logic to respect the destination of upgrade steps when
determining their applicability.

- - Enhanced the readability of the upgrades tab on the tool.

- - Changed upgrade logic to set the current version after an
upgrade to the destination version of the last step run,
instead of the current profile version.

- - Use the parse_version function from pkg_resources to normalize
versions before comparing them inside the upgrade code. This
ensures pre-release versions are handled correctly. Also use
the normalize code when sorting versions on the tools ZMI
upgrades page.

- - Fixed the upgrade step directive schema. Description is not

- - Introduced a new IComponentsHandlerBlacklist interface. You can
register named utilities for it and provide sequences of
interfaces which should not be handled by the standard
components registry adapter. This allows more specialized
export/import handlers to take full control over the components
they care about.

- - When loading multiple profiles reload the list of steps to use
after each import.

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