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FYI: Zope Weekly News
Hello Everyone,

This week in Zope Community the community portal site
experienced growing pains. We had to take it down and release Zope
2.0.1 to correct a security problem. 'Tis now available on new site old site

Loren Stafford submitted a "Breadcrumbs How-to" to the new Zope
community site.

Brad Clements attended Microsoft Windows 2000 Developer Day 99 and
posted some ideas and concepts that could be applicable to Zope.

Jim Fulton announced changes checked into CVS that fixed our security
problem. Zope 2.0.1 is the current release.

Duncan Booth passed on his method for Editing Zope documents with FTP
using Epsilon.

Rik Hoekstra continued a discussion concerning wysiwyg front end for
Zope. Several others added their thoughts to the discussion.

Guido van Rossum reminded the list that papers are due September 30,
1999 for the next Python conference. The conference will be held in our
backyard in Alexandra, VA.

Alexander Staubo passed on Middleware discussion on InfoWorld where Zope
was mentioned.

Paul Everitt made several "Long Awaited Announcements" to the list. The
first is ZEO Zope Enterprise Option is now available.

Second, commercial support is now available from Digital Creations.
Details of the support are listed on the site.

Third, Zope training in Colorado Springs October 18-20 and the
possibility of a Zope track at the Python conference.

Finally, the last announcement Paul posted concerned Hadar Pedhazur's
co-authoring a bulletin for IDC.

Rob Page updated the list about Digital Creations documentation effort.
Numerous How-To's and guide upgrades are now available on the new Zope
community site.

Hugh Emberson has added a patch to allow "different operator comparison"
in SQL method. His information concerning <dtml-sqltest> is available

Until next week...

Pamela Crosby

Technical Writer
Digital Creations