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Announcement: 2011 Zope Foundation Board Elections and General Meeting
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(apologies in advance for the cross-post: we need this to reach the
whole Zope community).

The Zope Foundation board is pleased to announce that the regular 2011
general meeting of the foundation will be held on Wednesday, 16 March
2011, at 15:00 UTC. The meeting will be conducted via IRC at the
following channel:


Prior to that meeting, the current board will conduct an elections in
which foundation members will select seven (7) board members in
accordance with the foundation bylaws[1].

- -------

- - Nominations open via the mailing list until
Friday, 2011-02-11.

- - Voting via e-mail to a closed mailing list, from Wednesday,
2011-02-16 through Friday, 2011-03-04.

- - Votes tallied by representatives of the current board,
using "Meek and Warrent STV" method using OpenSTV software.

- - General meeting and seating of the new board, Wednesday, 2011-03-16.

Procedure for Elections
- -----------------------

The procedure for the elections is as follows:

- - Foundation members may nominate any member by responding to the
board's announcement on the mailing list.
Nominations will remain open until Friday, 2011-02-11, 23:00 UTC.

- - At the close of the nominations period, the board will create a new
mailman list, 'zf-elections-2011', and approve all ZF members to post
to the list.. In order to preserve anonymity of votes, foundation
members will not be subscribers to the list; access to the list
archives will be restricted to the "tellers" appointed by the board.

- - On Wednesday, 2011-02-16, the Secretary will send an e-mail announcing
the opening of the voting period. This e-mail will contain the ballot,
with careful instructions about how to rank preferences in the reply.
The Reply-to header of this e-mail will be set to the
'zf-elections-2011' list.

- - ZF members will vote by replying to that e-mail. Voting will remain
open until Friday, 2011-03-04, 23:00 UTC.

- - At the close of voting, the board will appoint two of its members as
"tellers." The tellers will use the list archive to tabulate the
members' votes, using the OpenSTV application[2] configured to use the
Meek and Warren STV method[3]. The tellers will report the election
results, along with the raw tallies, at a special board meeting to be
held on Tuesday, 2011-03-15, 15:00 UTC.

- - After canvassing the results from the tellers, the board will notify
all nominees of the success / failure of their candidacy, thanking
them for their willingness to serve.

- - At the general meeting, the last item on the agenda will the
announcement of the election results, including a vote to "seat" the

An online version of this announcement is available at:

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