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ZcxOracleDA 0.5 released
I'm pleased to announce the first release of ZcxOracleDA - a Zope
database adaptor for Oracle using the cx_Oracle library.

This is an initial development release and should be used with caution!

You can download it from:

>From the README.txt:

Z cxOracle DA

This is a Zope Database Adaptor for cx_Oracle. It's currently only
been tested with Zope 2.7 and above with cx_Oracle 4.3.1 and above.


You must install cx_Oracle before attempting to use this DA.

You can find cx_Oracle at::

Then extract this product into your Zope instances Products

Connection Strings

The connection string is passed directly to cx_Oracle.connect().

The string is usually of the form username/password@TNS

Known Issues

cx_Oracle returns date types as python datetime.datetime types. The
DA will check the queries description to see if any of the rows
being returned are of that type and if they are will convert them
on the fly to Zopes DateTime type. Unfortunately this currently
means the DA iterates through all the rows returned and modifies
the return values which is far from optimal.

Also the DA currently doesn't handle returned datetime timezones
well. It currently converts all datetimes to UTC regardless of the
timezone Oracle is using. Ideally the DA would query the current
Oracle DBTIMEZONE and use that instead. If you want to change the
timezone used for datetime conversion then edit and modify

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