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Passthrough NIC not connecting to guest or reporting cable unplugged.
So apparently I am the only one having this issue, which is weird in and of
itself. But I have been having this issue since I attempted to go to 4.7
back in 2017, where it happened in 4.6 and 4.8 when I was trying to resolve
it. And it is still there in 4.10 now. My system ran fine on 4.5.

The dmesgs I provided in the second link above a few months ago, but no one
has responded.

I have new, if weird, info..

When the guest is started after a reboot of the box, there are no issues.
NIC passthrough works without issue.

When the guest is rebooted, actually told to reboot from within the guest
session. The domU restarts, and the NIC devices are not assigned??

When the guest is told to shutdown/power off, and then a new create of the
guest is performed from the host, the NIC devices are assigned. But then it
gets a bit weird.

* If the guest is Linux based, the NICs assigned and work properly.
One of my guests is a Sophos UTM being run virtually and assigned 2 physical
* If the guest is Windows based, the NICs are assigned, however they
report media state disconnected. One of my guests is a Windows 2012 server
and assigned 1 physical device.

The NIC I am assigning to pass through is a 4 port Intel 82580 card assigned
id's 04:00.0 to 04:00.3.