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xcp-xapi console problems with xencenter
running xen cloud on my ubuntu12.04 box
connecting with xencenter - i can create delete and monitor VM's
when i connect to the console i can see the console output but none of
my keypresses or mouse clicks are registered in the VM
everything i hit a key i get this in my xcp-xapi log

[20120721T17:17:20.330Z|debug|xen|509 INET|Connection to
VM console R:73c96b23cdd8|console] Proxy exited
[20120721T17:17:20.484Z|debug|xen|675 INET|Connection to
VM console R:d4603aa93052|console] VM
OpaqueRef:29595b00-e209-bb8a-c093-cccfc3f57746 console port: Some 5901
[20120721T17:17:20.485Z|debug|xen|675 INET|Connection to
VM console R:d4603aa93052|console] Connected; running proxy (between
fds: 26 and 27)

Any Ideas? I can't figure out any other way to connect to a console.

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xcp-xapi console problems with xencenter [ In reply to ]
I completely uninstalled and reinstalled ubuntu 12.04 2 times last night
each time i get stuck on the part where keypresses are not getting sent to xen
i applied the workaround for the ubuntu qemu keymap locations, has no effect
i tried both the ubuntu packages and the PPA packages, no difference.

I installed the xcp-xapi-debug, but im not sure how to execute these
programs. Does xe execute them?

trying to get other consoles working

OpenXenManager looks like a bunch of python no cygwin here.

XVP appears to run inside domU ? not interested in that...

trying the custom SSH tunnel method
i get stuck at

david@xen:~$ sudo xenstore-ls /local/domain/2/serial/0
limit = "65536"
tty = "/dev/pts/6"

vncterm-pid and vnc-port are not listed here???

my xcp-xapi.log

my syslog

my xe vm-param-list

my xe console-param-list

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