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Xapi in Ubuntu 12.04 - problem with LVM

I instaled xapi-xcp on Ubuntu 12.04 and i have problems with some SR
lvmohba and lvmoiscsi.

When i try add SR lvmohba i got this message
SR.probe R:9990667202eb|dispatcher] Server_helpers.exec
exception_handler: Got exception SR_UNKNOWN_DRIVER: [ lvmohba ]

next i look in XCP 1.1 and add symlinks

LVMSR -> ./

drivers after this operation are present, but i've got exception from python

[20120510T14:59:26.110Z|debug|vm05|243 INET|SR.probe
R:0fb2353fd50a|dispatcher] Server_helpers.exec exception_handler: Got
exception SR_BACKEND_FAILURE: [. non-zero exit; ; Traceback (most recent
call last):
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/LVMoHBASR", line 220, in <module>, DRIVER_INFO)
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/", line 261, in run
sr = driver(cmd, cmd.sr_uuid)
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/", line 136, in __init__
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/LVMoHBASR", line 94, in load
print >>sys.stderr,self.hbasr.print_devs()
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/", line 224, in print_devs
File "/usr/lib/xcp/sm/", line 64, in _init_hbadict
if len(self.hbas.iterkeys()):
TypeError: object of type 'dictionary-keyiterator' has no len()

This drivers are supported in Ubuntu 12.04 xapi version ?
If yes how to add lvmohba SR and lvmoiscsi SR.


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