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[XCP] [XAPI] General Question about XenAPI on Debian 32 / 64 bit Dom0
I have also been very confused with this change around with where to ask
questions about XenAPI. I have asked the following in the Xen-API list,
but no one answered SO i am trying it here, so please be considerate as
i have been following this thread on here and on Xen-api, but until it
is figured out, it will be a mess it seems like. So anyways i was
wondering about 3 pretty simple things regarding XenAPI:
Just have a few simple questions that I am still not 100% clear about.

I have looked thru the past 5months of posts on the Xen-api list, but
those have not answered all of my questions. I have read thru the Kronos
Wiki page,
like so many out there have, which i also wish was updated with more
current information... :) , and read thru other wiki pages and etc...

*My software Setup:*
Operating System: Debian Wheezy 64 bit
Kernel: Kernel 3.3.4, compiled from source and
enabled all Xen features into the kernel, nothing are modules, nothing
else was changed.
Xen: Xen 4.2-unstable, cloned and compiled
from the mercurial, and i believe revision 25256 was the last i compiled.

The above setup seems to work and i can reboot the system into Xen
4.2-unstable, but have not done much else with it for now. I am wanting
to install the XenAPI on it so i can try to use Citrix XenCenter to
manage the creation / installing of VMs and do all that fun stuff from a
Windows based computer. What i am not clear about is:

*1.)* Some websites say the XenAPI needs / recommends a 32bit Dom0 to
run on, some say the 64 bit version is there and is experimental, so a
work in progress. SOO, since i like my 64bit Wheezy Dom0, will the
XenAPI install and run fine on that a 64bit Dom0? As of today, is there
a 64bit version of the XenAPI?

*2.)* In the above Viki guide (and again wish it was more current), you
can only install the XenAPI by running the two commands:

sudo apt-get install xcp-xapi
sudo apt-get install xcp-xe

HOWEVER, i already have complied and installed Xen 4.2-unstable and the
xcp-xapi package depends on xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64, xen-utils-4.1 and
others, which it will download and install it automatically. SO,
wouldn't that mess up my installation of Xen 4.2-unstable already
running on there? Is there a way to install just the XenAP Toolstack and
not let it install the xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 and other related things?

*3.)* Sometimes it is nice to have the latest revision of the XenAPI
toolstack, so to get that you need to compile form source. if you do the

git clone

and run make, does it also try to download or install the
xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 with it OR compiles just the toolstack. Looking
at the README file, it says *"This repository serves as an autobuilder
for xapi and all of it's dependencies, to include the Xen hypervisor
itself. "* I guess that means it will build or retrieve the
xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 OR similar. SO, again any way to get it to NOT
do that and just compile and build the XenAPI toolstack so you can
install that on a system with a compiled Xen from source?

Well, at least i think the above things make sense or was worded
correctly AND thank you in advanced for any advice...

> On 08/05/2012 12:48, Brett Westover wrote:
>> This is the third time I've heard this mentioned here. I'm a little
>> confused. I'm referencing the community page here:
> Brett, you are correct. The page also says to prefix XCP questions
> with [XCP]. As
> a) the traffic of XCP questions on xen-users has increased and
> b) most user do not pre-fix XCP related questions on xen-users with [XCP]
> This has made it difficult for XCP experts to filter out the XCP
> questions from the Xen questions and as a consequence more XCP
> questions on xen-devel do not get answered as they are missed.
>> It says "Mailing lists for Xen Users ... Questions on running XCI
>> and/or XCP: xen-users" "Mailing lists for Developers ... On Xen Cloud
>> Platform (XCP) and XAPI: xen-api" To me this makes it sound like one
>> list is for users (like me) and the other is for developers
>> (definitely NOT like me). I've asked a few user questions here and
>> have gotten support. Should I be using the xen-api list instead?
> In reality, your questions should get answered on both lists. But it
> is more likely it will be answered on xen-api
> Please bear with us, but we are considering a couple of solutions. I
> will then also need to consult the community to get some input.
> Sorry about the confusion caused.
> Regards
> Lars