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Credit Scheduler does not account weight

i started some testing with the credit scheduler and got some strange behavior from the scheduler. The maschine has two cpus inside. My installation is based on an OpenSUSE 11.1 and Xen 3.3.1. I installed two more maschines inside an domU (both OpenSUSE 11.1). dom1 got an weight of 512, dom2 256.
Now i start an small python script which utilise all available cpu ressources on every dom (Script works perfect). As I understand the Credit Scheduler dom1 should get around 66 % of the ressources and dom2 33 %. That did not happen, both Maschines got 50 % off the ressources.
Next I pined both maschines on the same cpu, restarted the maschines, made changes while maschines where offline / online ... . Nothing worked. Is that a Bug or did I something wrong. Thanks for any help.


p.s.: Setting a cap worked perfect.