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Status Update
Xen Introspection Project Team:

I am looking to get some status from everyone on progress, documentation, etc. Any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Re: Status Update [ In reply to ]
At 15:37 +0100 on 03 Jun (1244043432), Ian Pratt wrote:
> I'd very much like to see the ability to add type-codes to pages that
> enable synchronous and asynchronous triggers[*] to be delivered to a
> "monitor application" when pages are accessed, written, or
> executed[**]. These events can be captured through a fairly simple
> modification to the HAP and shadow code, and then delivered to the
> nominated monitor application in a manner very similar to the
> mechanism used for delivering IO and MMIO events to qemu-dm.

Yes, I've wanted to do this sort of thing for years. Part of it is
already being developed as part of Patrick Colp's paging patches
(i.e. synchronous alerts that a guest page is missing). Adding other
similar types later will be straightforward.



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