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[Xen-users] FW: Community Weekly Update Community:

In an effort to reach out to a wider community audience, I am going to
do a weekly email to the xen-users and xen-community mailing lists with
major highlights from the week. Feel free to comment on any community
efforts to me directly or in the public blog (

October 20 - October 24 Community Highlights

* Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) at Fujitsu

o November 20 - 21 in Tokyo (hosted and sponsored by Fujitsu)

o Xen Summit Companies/Universities and Topics -

o Xen Summit Tokyo is Affordable -

o Registration Live -

o Advertising -

* Xen Summit North America 2009 at Oracle - Hold the Date -
February 24 - 25, 2009 in Redwood City, CA -

* Open Source Business Conference 2009 - Opportunity to sponsor
as part of

* Xen Solution Search Tool (Design Review) -

* USENIX LISA 2008 - Xen Training Day -

* First Workshop on I/O Virtualization (WIOV '08); December 10 -
11, 2008 in San Diego, CA -

* Xen Summit 2009 Proposal of Events -

* Just for fun - What should the mascot be? Check out my
ideas at

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