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[Xen-users] Virtualization Mini Summit at linuxsymposium 2008
linuxsymposium 2008, Ottawa, Canada, July 23 - July 26, 2008

The intent of the Virtualization MiniSummit is to provide a forum for
attendees to explore all aspects of Linux virtualization. Whether that
be the underlying technology, application of the technology in their
environment or new tools for managing and doing interesting and new
things with virtualized servers.

Attendees can range from those developing virtualization technologies,
using virtualization, managing virtualized environments to wanting to
learn more about virtualization.

A potential list of topics:

* Review and/or provide deep insight into the fundamentals of specific
virtualization technologies
* Exploration of project development opportunities
* Discussion of ideas to improve virtualization technologies
* How virtualized environments can be made manageable
* What's worked and what has not worked
* New and emerging ideas for virtualizing Linux systems


Presentation time slots will be on the order of 50 minutes and should
include time for questions (10-15 minutes).

The proposal submission process requires that you submit a proposal and
a personal biography that will be displayed on the Virtualization Mini
Summit web site at:
<> . Proposal submissions will be
accepted until June 20, 2008. Early submitters will be given
preferential consideration.

The proposal is your opportunity to show that your topic has merit and
that you have the background to provide an excellent presentation at the
virtualization Mini Summit.


# Maximum of 200 words
# Two paragraphs: The first should describe the topic you will be
presenting in concise detail; The second should explain why your topic
will be of interest to the attendees of the Virtualization Mini Summit.

# Maximum of 100 words
# Written in 3rd person
# One paragraph describing your professional work experience, and
related projects you are currently or have been involved in.

Submission of a paper is not required, but would be greatly appreciated
be the Virtualization Mini Summit attendees. Papers and/or Presentations
must be submitted by July 16, 2008 so that they can be posted to the
Virtualization Mini Summit in time for the event.

Accepted presenters will be provided instructions on submission of
presentation, and paper upon notification.

Presentation Submissions

Please login to
<> and submit to the Virtualization
Mini Summit. Please create a login account via the "new user?" link
located in the login box on the main page. Login and navigate to the
"Call for Presentations" -> "Submit Here" folder. In the upper right
drop-down menu "add to folder" your "file" or new "page" with your
submittal (see the example template). In the same upper right menu bar,
ensure that the content is the state of "private", only the admin will
have access to review the proposal. Please include the following
information in your proposal:

Email Address (will be obscured in posting):
Title of Proposal:
Short Presentation Abstract: (200 words)
Short Biography: (100 words max.)

Submission Timeline:

* Abstract submission deadline: Friday, June 20, 2008
* Presentation acceptance notification before: Wednesday, June 27,
* Program schedule and abstracts posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2008
* Paper/Presentation submission: Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Virtualization mini summit: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stephen Spector

Sr. Program Manager,

954.267.2853 <>