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Reminder: Xen Document Day is Today

everybody. A quick reminder that the next Xen Document Day is
happeningtoday . More info on document days at

Hope to see you on IRC! Feel free to add stuff to the TODO list
( or put your name
besides an item if you intend to work on it.

Best Regards

* Xen Document Days *

We have another Xen document day come up next Monday. Xen Document Days
are for people who care about Xen Documentation and want to improve it.
We introduced Documentation Days, because working on documentation in
parallel with like minded-people, is just more fun than working alone!
Everybody who can contribute is welcome to join!

For a list of items that need work, check out the community maintained
TODO list (
<>). Of course, you can
work on anything you like: the list just provides suggestions.

How do I participate?

- Join us on IRC: freenode channel #xendocs
- Tell people what you intend to work on (to avoid doing something somebody
else is already working on)
- Fix some documentation
- Help others
- And above all: have fun!