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[Proposal] Minor additions and clarification to Xen Project Governance
Dear Developers,

we have had the original Xen project governance document (see
<>) in effect now since July
last year. The last minor review was in October 2011.

Since then I had feedback on two items:

a) Our governance does not specify how friction in the community is
resolved. The role definitions cover the concept of Committers and
Project leads acting as Referees, without being specific. In essence,
the proposal reflects what happens informally in practice today and has
happened in the past.

b) There also was a bug in the definition of Project Lead: "
projects are managed by a Project Lead, who also is a maintainer" should
be "..., who also is a committer". I clarified this and added a sentence
that a project lead can also act as referee (which was implied before as
a project lead is a committer).

Please find a proposal for a new revision of the process at which fixes these two
issues. Changes are marked in italics and are in sections "Conflict
Resolution" and "Project Lead".


1) Open review with feedback until 11th May (a bit more than a week from

2) Lars to incorporate any feedback and publish a revision.

3) Lars to set up a private poll via a form, the week of May 14th which
will be open for a week. Community members that can vote are maintainers
(including committers and maintainers)of any mature project in Xen (aka
Xen and XCP).

Best Regards

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