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Integration of Compiled Xen-ARM :: tools / linux images
Hi all,

I have compiled Xen-ARM., on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
I have attached the list of all those files in the attachment.I have two
linux images vmlinux0 and vmlinux.out0.
If I want to run these, then I need to Integrate them, so that they can be
transferred and used via TFTP/MMC/SD/NFS.

Because all the files created for target are available in the Xen_root
folder in a directory Xen_Root[main folder with code]/tools/target
they are
Xen_Root/tools/target/etc/xen/dom1 xend-config.sxp
Xen_Root/tools/target/usr/lib local etc,
.... with all the details present in the attachment.

and linux kernel images are present in linux_root directory
30974907 vmlinux0 (application/x-executable) is Dom1
3166360 vmlinux.out0 (application/x-executable) is Dom0

How to relate all these with the bootloader, Kernel, rootfs, is all that I

Obviously, Xen can only be loaded on top of bootloader, but

1. What to do with the contents on the target directory in the

2. Xen-ARM is obtained in xen (application/x-executable), xen-bin
(binary), xen.gz? what to use?

3. Linux images are in (application/x-executable) format, but I have only
knowledge about

Please Kindly Suggest!!! Krishna Pavan