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Xen on S3C6410
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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie to this project, still learning about Xen architecture et al. Thanks a lot to Mr. Soh and his team for providing the Xen-on-ARM port.

I have built and run the Xen-on-ARM port on Linux. I have few questions about the Xen Android Goldfish port.

a. My understanding is that Xen is a hypervisor that will run the mini-OSes (guest OSes). Qemu is the emulator over which we run Xen. Then what is the significance of Android? Is Android also a guest OS? From my current knowledge it is not. Why do we have to use Android-on-Qemu? Can't we use Qemu directly?

b. My objective is to port the Xen on ARM (3.0.2-2) on S3C6410 chipset. I have made some milestones. Can you please comment on this?

1. Use Xen-on-ARM hypervisor to work with Armulator/ T32 (to learn)

2. Port Xen on board
3. Modify the Android kernel to support PV and use it as DOM0

4. Use mini-OS as DOM1

I am a newbie, and I know points 2 and 3 are not as trivial as I have written them here. Currently I have not much idea of how to go about it. If there are any major points I have missed, it will be great to now itself.

My first goal of course is to port Xen and a bare bones DOM0, porting all its drivers one by one is the next goal. Only a console can be provided as the first milsetone.

Thanks and Regards,

Amit Mankikar