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Re: XCP 1.6 fresh install, config does not exist in xenopsd - Solved (safe to ignore)

El 07/02/13 09:02, James Bulpin escribió:
>> [...]
>> "The server failed to handle your request, due to an internal error.
>> The given message may give details useful for debugging the problem.
>> message: Object with type VM and id
>> e5080070-fb69-45dd-8462-fa7781acbc19/config does not exist in xenopsd"
>> [...]
> This is a benign error - you can safely ignore it. It's because the
> /opt/xensource/libexec/set-dom0-memory-target-from-packs script
> is calling vm-memory-target-set on dom0 before dom0's metadata
> is created in xenopsd. This is resolved since 1.6 by removing this
> script which is no longer used (

Great to know, thank you!

Alexandre Kouznetsov

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