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Best way to revert to a snapshot
I have a bunch ofwin7 VMs running on XCP host and I take regular snapshots of them for backup. While reverting to the snapshots I see that sometimes, the windows gets into auto recovery mode by default as if the there was not clean shutdown during revert to snapshot process.
Can someone help me with what is the best way to take a snapshot and revert to it?

This is what I do now.

1. Shutdown the VM clean.

2. Take Snapshot without quiesce

3. Boot the VM back and allow it to boot into OS completely.
For reverting, I do.

1. Revert the VM to the snapshot when the VM is running.

2. Start the VM
Sometime when I start the Vm it gets into auto recovery mode. Is there a better way of doing this? Should I shut down the VM and then revert to snapshot?

Vijay R

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