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huggle 3 QT-LX

I know these e-mail are becoming quite boring :-) but we are still
looking for some devs who can help us reincarnate huggle project.

Huggle is an antivandalism high-speed utility that allows wikipedians
to mass review huge number of articles in a short time.

We are working on huggle 3 for much longer than we should have, and
now we used our patented technology called
"lets-write-it-from-scratch-once-again" â„¢

So, we are kind of writing huggle 3 LX from scratch again. This time
it's gonna be different though.

After careful consideration of what best possible programming language
could be (please don't bring this topic on again, it's not funny,
especially for pythonists, shush pls) I decided to step back to C++
which original huggle 3 was written in, but this time using QT
framework instead of wxWidgets. This has several cons and also some
pros :-)

== Cons ==
- It will have about 10% of original features (without plugins)
- It will take some more time to finish it, because we have to start again

== Pros ==
- It will be natively cross-platform
- It will be faster than huggle 2
- QT has nice IDE which allow us to sketch the interface pretty
quickly and easily (unlike wx)
- It comes with a nice browser based on WebKit which is improvement,
given that current huggle is IE based
- It would eventually run even on tablets (or mobile phones - why the
heck people requested that?)

So, despite this is (I think) 4th time we are starting to write huggle
3 from scratch, it's hopefully last attempt. Also, please note the
"QT-LX" in name. LX means "light extendable" which means that huggle 3
is supposed to be very lightweight (just basic functions to provide
review-revert technologies) + set of api's and hooks so that it can be
easily extended with loadable plugins (we might even implement python
interpretor for pythonist so that it would be even easier to make
plugins for it). That will make sure it won't take too long for us to
finish it, and it also make it possible for huggle 3 to have most of
the original features as well in future (through the plugins).


Are you a c++ programmer? WE NEED YOU! If you know something about
c++, open fork,
work and push please.

If you mean it more seriously, join #huggle on freenode as well, and
join huggle mailing list.

Thank you

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