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Wikidata update percolation

I have published a draft of how changes on the wikidata repository are going to
percolate to the client wikis:

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Of course, we are not starting this from scratch. We are currently implementing
a stripped down, naive version of the draft. Basically, it works like this:

* Each change on the repository is recorded in the changes table.
* On each client wiki, a poll script periodically checks the changes table.
* The polling script maintains a local copy of the latest version of each data
entity on each cluster used by client wikis.
* If any page on the wiki is affected by the change, an entry representing that
change is injected into the client's recentchanges table.
* Wiki pages that are affected by a change are invalidated.

I think this will work for now, that is, for a small number of client wikis. The
new draft is an attempt to make this architecture scale up to several hundred
client wikis on multiple database clusters.

-- daniel

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