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Status on Wikidata review (Sep 7)
Hi all,

here's our weekly list with Wikidata review items. We have a few new
ones, some of them also rather small, next to the big gorillas.

I say it as Rob does: if you want to discuss on of the items here, it
would make sense to rename the thread in your answer. Based on
experience, I accept the futility of this recommendation, though :)

* ContentHandler. Tim stated he could do another review this week, in
the meanwhile we have tied up several loose ends. We are eagerly
awaiting the review and further input. Here's the bug:
<> Some discussion
was here on the list, too.

* Sites. There has been quite some activity, input from the outside,
and the sites code has been reworked greatly. It landed in Gerrit
today and is awaiting reviews. Here's the link to the RFC:
and it is widely implemented.

* jQuery table sorting improvements. This improves the UI on initial
display of a sorted table. Here's the patchset in Gerrit:

* userWasLastToEdit improvement. It is just moving the function to a
static place so it is available for an extension to call. That one
looks straightforward to me. Here's the patchset in Gerrit:

* Towards nested transactions. There was quite some discussion on the
mailing list, and here are the currently open patchsets towards that.
Some other patchsets have been already merged. Currently still open
are: <> and
<> . Note that this patch
neither implements nested transactions, nor do we require them (we
worked around that), it just would make the code nice if they were
there and these are patches preparing for nested transactions.

* Reviewing the extension. We have a beautiful extension here, which
is quite ready for deployment on the repository, and we need to
organize the review for the extension as a whole. I assume we will
start talking about this next week.

We would be very happy to see activity and merges on all or any of
these items :)


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