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Bugzilla downtime
Hi folks,

As any of you who might have been trying to access Bugzilla, it has
been giving us a lot of problems over the past couple of days. Our
Ops team is aware of the problem, but is a bit baffled at this point.
Since many of them are traveling or getting ready to do so, expect
that it'll probably be limping along (at best) over the weekend until
they get settled in and can devote some time to fixing this problem

Please join in on #wikimedia-operations if you want updates or if you
have ideas about what might be going on (e.g. if you happen to be
running something that might be bogging down the server).


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Re: Bugzilla downtime [ In reply to ]
I wonder if anyone changed the gadget on (or elsewhere)
recently, since iirc that showed very much the same but Tim would be
able to confirm if I'm remember right about how it showed.

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