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Gareth progress
The Gareth code review project has been steadily moving forward.

I've settled on Python+Django for the project.

It's still not ready to start doing actual code review. But a number of
key pieces are already implemented:
- The whole view/template/theme system is ready
- A git layer has been implemented and new git commands are fairly easy to
add (depending on the command's complexity)
- Project and remote handling is ready
- The low level git remote fetch implementation is ready (still needs a
queue and websockets though to get the ui for it working)
- Remote pages already understand what commits have not yet been added to
the repo or a head

I also have commit lists and commit pages ready. I'm currently working on
diffs ( ;) And I mean diffs better than Gerrit, GitHub, or anything else)
which will likely finally lead into review pages.

Since the project has been going fairly seriously I've setup a website for
the project:

I've put the latest screenshots up:

And a blog is up and you can subscribe to updates on the project's

~Daniel Friesen (Dantman, Nadir-Seen-Fire) []

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