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Merging the ContentHandler branch for WIkidata
Hi all!

As you may know, I have been working on a core branch to introduce the concept
of content handlers <>.

Wikidata relies on the features introduces in that branch, and I'd like to merge
them into core as soon as possible.

Now, I'd like you input on the best strategey to do this. Keep in mind that in
the current state, the branch is a code experiment based on a fork that is two
months old. So it needs to be rebased and cleaned up before it goes into review.

Anyway, here's what I think might be the best way to do this. Consider the
branch containing several feature sets, say A, B, C and D. These should go into
review one ofter the other, and they depend on each other.

So, my idea is this:

* Create a fresh feature branch for A.
* Merge A into that branch and clean it up, creating A'.
* Submit A' for review

Same goes for the other features sets. So far, so simple.

But. Development on Wikidata has to continue in the meaningtime, and it'S based
on the old wikidata branch. So, on that branch, I'd need to:

* go from A to A'
* once A' i in master, I'd somehow need to rebranch and get B, C and D into the
wikidata branch

I'M unclear on how to best do this. BAsically, there are two processes here:

1) clean up one feature set ofter the other, get them through review and into core.
2) keep developing the wikidata extensions based on the original branch, but
adopt to the cleaned up version of each feature set (A, B and so on).

Idealls, the wikidata branch would be rebased every time a feature set like A'
is merged into master, so A'-in-master and A'-in-wikidata don't diverge.

Any ideas on how to best go about doing this?

-- daniel

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