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Git Triage notes
Since we're still struggling with Git, Gerrit, and figuring out the
new work-flow, Sumana asked me to hold a triage on the the issues
people have filed in Bugzilla and then write this follow-up report.

I used the open blockers on #22596
( to
guide the triage. Chad wasn't able to be in IRC at the time, but he did
update the etherpad (
and Bugzilla afterwards. [TestSwarm] fetcher need git

Antoine had filed this bug but had since decided to just use
Jenkins to push new code to testswarm. WONTFIX'd. Integrate Jenkins with Git

Antoine said that this is (after his current focus on 1.19) his
highest priority and he will be focused on it. installer: ability to override
LocalSettings.php filename

Antoine made the following note on the bug (which is mostly a
placeholder for himself):

I am going to need this in Jenkins to setup a local fetch out
to be able to use multiple databases backend.

The fix is easy to handle and not that much needed till we
start having tests against MySQL / postgre backends which are
not high priority. Triage Git conversion issues wiki

Sumana made this -- turning issues noted on the wiki into Bugzilla
issues so that they would be easier to track -- into a TODO for herself Autolink to new Gerrit / Git
changesets and SHA-1 commits

Chad has updated bugzilla to support links to "gerrit #XXX".
We'll probably want to update it further to support Gerrit's GIT
ids following RobLa's suggestion:

The Gerrit UI seems to prefix Git ids with a capital "I", even
offering a button for copying the full SHA-1 hash to the
clipboard prefixed with the "I".

I plan to set up a Labs instance of Bugzilla -- which we need to
do to enable puppetizing Bugzilla -- so I'll have a chance to look
at other Git links then. Make git-review more easy to
install on Windows

Although we have some contributors who use Windows, this isn't a
blocker for them, so we lowered the priority. We do want to make
sure that new contributors are able to use Gerrit, though, so this
will be something we are interested in. Need commit notes to match SVN
revision numbers for core

Chad writes:

refs/notes/commits has information regarding the original SVN
commit info. This is correct and in place for SVN extensions,
but I messed it up for core. It's not super-high priority, but
I don't know if anyone other than me can do it. Tell git on
not to generate spurious terminal sequences

Antoine said that Marcin could work on this. Marcin confirmed
that he would try to track this down, so I assigned it to him. Let LocalisationUpdate fetch from

An update to this script was deployed by operations. When we
checked during the Triage, though, it wasn't working. Roan
tracked this down and commited a fix. Two-way syncing between Gerrit and GitHub

Since I'm currently working on a way to merge patches from
Bugzilla to Gerrit, I don't think this would be too much trouble
to add once I have that working. Anyone else who wants to
integrate GitHub or Gitorious before I get to it should feel free
to, though. Setup external git mirrors/clones

Chad said that "It should be pretty easy--gerrit has built-in
replication we can use." List of Gerrit users

After some discussion during triage, Sumana clarified this

This request is for us to hack something by generating a user
page based on the Gerrit database, per the instructions in Make Gerrit project list more
discoverable and available

We'd like to get the scrape this data from the UI. Chad gives a
pointer in the right direction if anyone wants to tackle this:

Something working from
gerrit.wm.o/r/gerrit/rpc/ProjectAdminService should do. Change Gerrit database schema to support utf8

Supposedly, this would come out of the box if we used PostgreSQL
or the embedded H2 database backend, we would get this

Chad thinks this is silly and thinks he can change the collation
without an issue. He'll test his theory soon. Send email notifications of all
MediaWiki commits to mediawiki-cvs list

"Trivial -- someone just has to play with the hooks" Include unified diff in gerrit
email notifications Include link to unified diff in
gerrit notifications

Chad says an upstream change is required for these two fixes. Implement a way to group related
commits (allowing a commit to be in multiple groups) No way to mark merged commits as
needing fixing

Again, Chad says this is an upstream request to allow free-form
tagging. Commits from the l10n-bot should
be merged immediately (automatically)

Chad's on this--high priority Commits from the l10n-bot
shouldn't create too much spam

We don't know of a clean way around this right now for e-mails yet
(suppress e-mail via hook?), but we can easily skip IRC stuff with
some minor tweaks to the hooks.

Thank you to all participants!

Mark A. Hershberger
Wikimedia Foundation

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