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Jenkins and MediaWiki

Jenkins is somehow back in action. I have disabled IRC notification to
avoid any possible spam over the week-end.

Jenkins is connected directly to Gerrit and get notified whenever a
change is submitted in any repository.

Whenever a change is made to mediawiki/core.git, Jenkins trigger the
MediaWiki-GIT-Fetching job which will get fetch the change. Then, two
other jobs are triggered on that code:

- MediaWiki-Tests-Databaseless
-> runs tests using make databaseless and an empty LocalSettings.php

- MediaWiki-Tests-Parser
-> runs the parser tests using a sqlite backend

Over the course of next week, I will create the remaining jobs.

You can have a look at the current status at:

For each build, it list the gerrit change number and patchset. That will
give a good overview of what is going wrong.

Known bug:
- somehow, tests results from child jobs are not aggregated back up to
the main MediaWiki-GIT-Fetching job.
- there might be some race conditions when several changes are
submitted at the same time.

Antoine "hashar" Musso

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