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Latest look at the 1.19 deployment blockers
Hi everyone,

We have a lot of issues to get through before pushing MediaWiki 1.19
out to commons on Tuesday afternoon (late Tuesday/early Wednesday UTC)

The general situation is that there still seem to be many Javascript
issues cropping up. Additionally, there's one logging bug that's
really causing problems for vandalism patrol. More below:

Newly added as blockers:
* Bug 34508: [Regression] IRC string output for log messages no longer
Krinkle started looking into this one, and Nikerabbit chimed in.
This one can't be fixed until a bot author helps narrow down what the
important change was. Right now, there's more heat than light on this

* Bug 34510: monobook toolbar or vector with old toolbar not setup randomly
Recently reported. RobLa has some irresponsible speculation on this
bug, but this hasn't had a hard look yet.

* Bug 34517: Sometimes scripts imported by mw.loader.load on common.js
are not executed
* Bug 34495: patrol log credit the user patrolled, not the user patrolling

* Bug 34478: Special:MergeAccount&action=submit generates error
We've seen a couple of cases of this now. This may be related to
trying to merge an account on a 1.19 wiki with one on a 1.18 wiki.

* Bug 34504: [Regression] There should not be a mismatch between html
and stylesheet version
Krinkle says: "This is what was causing the "Jump to navigation"
links to appear on cached
pages after the 1.19 roll-out. "

* Bug 34373: populateRevisionSha1.php misses archive rows, whose text
is stored directly in the archive table (not text table)
This one was recently reopened

Old issues:

* Bug 34450: Probable Javascript loading issues (navigation and
tabbing issues, multiple browsers)
See RobLa's note to wikitech-l
Andrew fixed the issue with the collapsible sidebar not working as
expected. There are other issues in this bug that still need to be

* Bug 34469: (un)watch button broken
This appears to be fixed for debug mode. Still reliably busted in
debug mode. The latest speculation is that this is a cross-domain
cookie issue, since the javascript is served off of
in debug mode.

* Bug 34421: mutiple headers
Hashar has adapted a patch from Krenair, and checked this into
trunk. Still needs to be merged and deployed.

* Bug 34458: Editing fails in IE7
We believe this only happens on, and is caused by
common.js there. This may have also been a problem on 1.18.

* Bug 34409: 'mw.user.options' and 'mw.user.tokens' are sometimes
empty on 1.19, breaking watchlist, gadgets, etc.
We think this one is dead.

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