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Git migration - switchover from Subversion begins March 3rd
If you develop MediaWiki core, or work on extensions that the Wikimedia
Foundation deploys, you should prepare for your development workflow to
switch on the weekend of March 3rd. Instead of Subversion and the Code
Review tool at, we will be using Git and Gerrit.


Affected projects:

If you work on an extension that the Wikimedia Foundation does not use,
or on a non-MediaWiki project hosted at, you have more
time to decide. Talk it over with your community and decide whether you
would like to move to Git immediately, move to Git sometime over the
next several months, or move to another hosting provider sometime before
mid-2013. We would like to gradually migrate all projects currently on
Wikimedia's Subversion repository so that we can make all of read-only by the middle of 2013, and thus only have to
support one source control infrastructure.

New workflow instructions, open issues, docs, etc.:

Thank you. (Please feel free to forward this to affected communities.)
Sumana Harihareswara
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation

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