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1.19 blocker bugs
Code Review for MediaWiki 1.19 is moving along quite well. We're down
to 26 NEW items and 14 FIXMEs according to

This is down from 83 NEW and 15 FIXMEs on Monday.

We haven't done as well on the 1.19 blocker bugs. I held a meeting last
week to go over the bugs and make sure they were all blockers and, in
the mean time we've gotten some traction on them, but we need more.

Chrome on OSX crashes

RevisionDeletion-suppress and log entries don't play nice

EditWarning should use $.fn.bind instead of window.onbeforeunload

File errors shown at Special:MovePage and Special:Upload are displayed

Proofread extension JS loading fully broken on 1.19

Refactor mw.action.edit related JavaScript as dynamic ResourceLoader

Trunk CategoryTree doesn't list pages of sub categories

Review pending FileCache changes

importScript and importScriptURI errors

Thank you all for you attention to these bugs! The 1.19 roll-out depends
on getting a fix for these issues.


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Re: 1.19 blocker bugs [ In reply to ]
It looks like this is a confirmed issue with WebKit and Chrom[ium|e]. It is currently tracked upstream in a closed tracker at Apple. We only know of one page that is able to reproduce this issue.

I think we can take it off the list of 1.19 blockers because it's out of our control and has a limited exposure.

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> Chrome on OSX crashes

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