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Thank you
It's been a hectic few weeks for many of you who subscribe to this list,
preparing for and then carrying out the 1.18 upgrade, with all its last
minute patches and after-the-fact patches. It is easy for those of us
uninvolved in the process to play armchair quarterback, and to decry that
the upgrade failed to be seamless. I recognize that there was beta testing
going on at some of the smaller projects over the last little while, but
many of the things that were noticed once the "big" wikis were upgraded may
never have been triggered (or were considered unimportant) in the smaller
projects; software features that become indispensible on more mature
projects might be rarely used in those who are still in their infancy.

This has been the first upgrade that I've really paid a lot of attention to,
and I was really impressed with the response of the Ops team, in particular
Mark Hershberger's work at the English Wikipedia Village Pump (Technical).
Having an experienced Ops team member calmly addressing issues identified
on-project, and making sure that there was a matching bugzilla, was a major
factor in keeping the level of community distress at a minimum during the
immediate aftermath of the upgrade.

I know there's still much to do, both in resolving issues from this upgrade
and in addressing other issues for the next upgrade. But I thought the tech
team might appreciate knowing that it went pretty smoothly from this
non-techie's point of view.


(Administrator, English Wikipedia)
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