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Wikibooks and Wikisource triage report
This past Wednesday, I held a triage focused on issues from the
Wikibooks an Wikisource projects

** - Search should give transcluded
text for the page

First, a confession. I'm not an experienced Wikipedian. So when I
saw this bug, I didn't understand the benefit. "Wouldn't you
just need to add namespaces to the search index?" I thought.

Luckily, Roan was in this triage and offered a simple use case:

Wiktionary does crazy things like
{{buildATableOfAllInflections|word|inflectioncase}} — which will
produce a table of all inflections of "word", based on which case
applies to it. So then if you search for an inflection of "word",
say "words", you won't find it.

With the help of this explanation, I was able to understand the
usefulness and what was needed. MWSearch needs to index *expanded*
Wikitext rather than just raw Wikitext.

This would probably also fix that annoying bug where incategory:foo
queries don't work properly with categories from templates

This has been proposed as a Summer of Code idea for 2012.

** - Error when importing pages from
English Wikipedia to Portuguese Wikibooks

This strange bug caused problems on the Portuguese Wikibooks project,
and we were able to reproduce it during triage. I put's
steps for reproducing this on the bug and hope to find a developer to
work on it soon.

** - please find a solution for a
music module

After some discussion, I decided to close this bug (which has gotten
over 115 comments) and focus any new effort on action items derived
from it like "Make [[mw:Extension:LilyPond]] safe against DoS attacks"

Sumana is already using this issue as a possible area for volunteers
to work on.

Side note: prior to this triage, the LilyPond Extension existed only
on a MediaWiki page. After the triage, I committed the LilyPond code
to SVN and, almost immediately, it began getting valuable reviews and

I think this really shows the value of our code review process —
especially as we've improved it over the past year or so.

** - Correcting content page count at
en.wikibooks and pt.wikibooks

It looks like we spent a bit of time discussing this bug without any
of us being aware of 1.18's new $wgArticleCountMethod. I've updated
the bug with the necessary information.

** - Install
extension:SubpageSortkey on wikibooks

Bawolff has created an extension to solve's original
request ("Default 'sort key' for namespaces should be more namespaces
with subpages should be customisable"). At this point it simply needs
to be reviewed and deployed.

** - Wikibooks/Wikisource needs
means to associate separate pages with books.
** - ability to watch "bundles" of

These two bugs and Raylton's Extension:BookManager revolved around
these projects' desire to treat books as entities that can be
manipulated in the same way as wiki pages. They'd like the ability to
watch, delete, or move books as well as a have pages like

Adding some of these features (watching, for example) to all pages in
a category, might help admins in other projects besides these.

** - Show subpages on page deletion

As Bawolff said, this looks like a sane feature request in general, not
just for wikibooks. Adrignola gave a couple of gadgets that enable
subpage deletion, but the gadgets didn't provide a clean way to undelete
sub pages en-masse.

This sparked a discussion on some other enhancements that would be
good to have. For example the ability to watch all articles in a
category (

** - noinclude tag breaks Proofread
under Internet Explorer

This was a on the wishlist for wikibooks and included a patch. I
committed it (

** - Edit form eats heading CRs
(leading blank newlines/whitespace) on save/preview

This bug keeps popping up and, while there are work-arounds, the
behavior is non-intuitive. Mediawiki erases the first (and only the
first) blank like each time you click submit or preview. After
everyone in the triage meeting confirmed this, I showed the problem to
Krinkle who agreed that this should be fixed and left a comment with
an idea of how to fix it.

Next Triage: October 5th -- focus on Fund-raising issues

Bug Triage calendar:

Mark A. Hershberger
Wikimedia Foundation

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