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1.18 Code Review and FIXME status
We're doing well on the road to 1.18. We went from ~370 un-reviewed
revisions on last weekend to ~210 un-reviewed revisions today.

We need to sustain this momentum to have 1.18 ready for release in

One area that hasn't been getting enough attention, though, is FIXME'd

On Monday, there were 95 FIXMEs and today that was only reduced to 86.
We need that rate to really increase, so on Monday, I'll be contacting
people with FIXME'd revisions and asking them to take action. If you
don't have time, please let me, Robla, or the list know so that we can
make sure that we have the code in a releasable state in time for

(Information in this email was gleaned from the Revision Report:



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