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It's sysadmin appreciation day!
Hi folks,

today is sysadmin appreciation day! ( )
Many thanks to the Wikimedia operations team for being there at all
times of day and night to keep our sites up and our users happy -- and
for always working hard to make things faster, more stable, and more

For the Wikimedia Foundation, that goes for the office IT team as well --
thanks for all your help with networks, printers, laptops, monitors, projectors,
smartphones, dumb phones, and the myriad pieces of open and not-open
software that we run. Special thanks to all the volunteers who
participate in Wikimedia operations, help with outages, close shell
bugs, document things, and do so much more.

Please join me in thanking our ops and IT teams. You all rock - thanks
for being here. :-)


Erik Möller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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