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The final stretch for 1.18 code review
Hi everyone,

Thanks to the heroic efforts of many folks here, we're down to a
manageable number of revisions. See the newly repaired chart here:

Now that we've got a small enough list, I'm reviving the revision
report for 1.18, which is a list of all of the revisions remaining for
review, broken down by preferred reviewer. That's available here:

This also has "fixme"s, broken down by the committer.

Revisions with the following tags will be excluded from this report:
* nodeploy - won't ever affect deployment (e.g. installer)
* 1.18revert - reverted from the 1.18 branch
* 1.18ok - still needs a full review, but we'll let it slide for this

These tags roughly map onto what we used for 1.17, though not exactly.
During that deploy cycle, it was far, far more important to choose
our battles to have any hope of getting done soon, whereas now, we
know we want to get through everything anyway. So, you should feel a
tinge of guilt using these tags. :)

These are manually generated (currently by me, but Hexmode took over
last time, and I wouldn't be surprised if he does it again). Let me
know if there's anything obviously wrong with the list. Otherwise,
we're all looking forward to seeing this list shrink to zero!


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