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Help wanted: Wikimedia engineering/product hiring
Hello folks,

we have 12 open positions in Wikimedia engineering right now, and a
few more will go up in coming weeks. If you have connections, we'd
appreciate your help hiring for these roles, forwarding this note to
appropriate listservs, tweeting it, etc.

The full listing is at , but here are some
key roles that we need help with:

1) Product Managers: We're looking for great people to act as product
owners for three very important initiatives:

- New editor engagement: helping Wikimedia to attract, nurture and
retain new contributors.
- Analytics: supporting the development of systems and tools for
measuring our impact.
- Mobile: helping us reach hundreds of millions of people on mobile
devices and engaging hundreds of thousands of them to contribute in
useful ways.

The product manager role at WMF entails grooming and prioritizing the
product backlog, engaging with the Wikimedia community, commissioning
and organizing research, hands-on testing, but also helping with
across-the-board priorities triage for ongoing product development.

These folks don't have to be product managers by trade, but they need
to be comfortable negotiating compromise while holding the product
vision. They need to treat engineers as equal partners, and be
excellent communicators. Ideally they have strong domain expertise
relevant to their focus area.

We have two of these currently posted:

The mobile one will go up soon, and we'll refine the definition
further. But please use these as reference points for now.

2) Analytics Engineers: We're hiring for two systems engineers to
build out our analytics infrastructure. What exists so far is still
fairly rudimentary, so we need to build scalable logging and tracking
systems for various purposes, e.g.

- geographic breakdown of access and editing activity
- usage data for specific features; A/B testing of features
- search activity, real-time editor retention measures, new activity
visualizations, and more ..

The ideal candidate here likely is someone who's very strong building
out large scale distributed systems, and has experience with NoSQL
technologies, distributed computing, etc.

The relevant JD is here:

3) A strong QA Lead who can help us write and perform test plans with
shoestring and duct tape, i.e. using a combination of test automation,
work with outside vendors, and volunteer-driven testing to strengthen
our product quality. The relevant JD is here:

4) Strong frontend and backend engineers: for features development,
code review, deployment and release management support, and so forth.
Demonstrable open source experience is always a major plus, and while
PHP is learnable, not being predisposed against it helps. :-)

Your outreach and support is always appreciated.

All best,

Erik Möller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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