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MediaWiki JS API passes unit testing 100%
Howdy folks,

In addition to the PHPUnit tests, which Chad mentioned already, our JS
test suites are now passing 100% as well!

== Passing 100% ==
Ever since the Berlin Hackathon, TestSwarm has been running
steadily[1]. We've spent time adding more test suites to better cover
our modules.

As of r90025 all modules are passing the test suites across the 13
different browsers currently accounted for (including IE6!)

I can't bring a ping-bot "back" online. Unfortunately because such bot
doesn't exist yet for the QUnit tests. It's on the agenda! :)

Check out the project overview for MediaWiki in TestSwarm[2].

The JS backend has catching up to do compared to where the PHP unit
testing is today. Anyone willing to help with anything related to
this, please let me know and I'll try to keep documentation up to date
as well (or write it yourself afterwards).

== Run tests! ==
Your'e not expected to test in all browsers before committing, but
know that it's very easy to run tests in atleast 1 browser. Please run
them (only takes a few seconds) before committing changes to client-
side resources.

* Point your localhost to /phase3/tests/qunit/
* That's it, sit back and look at the results.


[1] For the short-term that is, for the long-term TestSwarm needs to
be moved to WMF. And QUnit further integrated into the core. More on
that at

This is where all resource-related[3] commits to /trunk are shown,
distributed to the swarm and reports are summarized. Each commit
("job") also has it's own detail view.

[3] "resource-related" means the commit affected /phase3/tests/qunit
and or /phase3/resources


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