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Can someone take care of branch iwtransclusion?
Hello everybody!

I have worked all the summer on interwiki transclusion in branch
iwtransclusion. It is nearly finished now: only small improvements
have to be made before this is merged to trunk.

However, my university work makes me very busy at this time and I
think I will have no time to finish the project in the next months.

I'm wondering if someone could take care of this, why not during the
upcoming hack-a-ton?

All my work is described here: [1]

The last improvements needed are:
* finishing to build-in the GlobalUsage extension
* create and use 2 tables globalnamespaces and globalinterwiki
(documented in the given link)

Of course, if someone is volunteer, I can give them a hand sometimes.

Thanks in advance


Peter Potrowl

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