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Data center move in Amsterdam: expect some downtime
In the upcoming days until new years we will be moving our servers and
other equipment in the Amsterdam data center location to a new data
center. Unfortunately this might result in some down time and hiccups of
certain web sites & services, although we will try to keep this to a

On Sunday the 28th, between 09:00 and 11:00 UTC we will migrate our
network in Amsterdam to new equipment. All services located there will
be unreachable for a brief period. Traffic for the main wikis will be
rerouted to the Florida cluster however, and should remain unaffected.

In the days after we will be moving the servers themselves. Some
services, such as the mailing lists server, the subversion server and
the toolserver cluster, will be down for a number of hours while the
equipment is being moved. Traffic for the wikis should again remain
largely unaffected.

We hope to have the entire migration finished before we enter the last
few hours of 2008... and start 2009 with a clean sheet. Happy Holidays

Mark Bergsma <>
System & Network Administrator, Wikimedia Foundation

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