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Must read tips & General HK info for Wikimania 2013
Hi all

As I learn your reaction from the stage on last Saturday
I think most of you (at least those in Linser Auditorium)
are pretty exciting what's happening 389 days later in Hong Kong.

We are happy to announce that the General info on our conference wiki
is generally set up, and you can check out most info that you need to
survive in Hong Kong

and we also know that not everyone like to read pages of General-info
so a "Must read tips" section was prepared
and we hope which is helpful to you

Our community coordinators, Simon & Deryck
as well as General Coordinators, Tango & me
will keep you update on the latest status of things of the conference
as soon as we can publish them

So Thank you for your kind attention, safe trip home &
lOOking forward to seeing you in HK next year

Jeromy-Yu Chan, Jerry
Co-ordinator in Chief
Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong
UID: Jeromyu
(on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk & most sites)

Tel (Mobile): +852 9279 1601
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