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Bristol Bid 2013

Just like to drop this list a formal apology for missing the opening round
of Judging today. There were a combinations of reasons which I won't go into
here, least to say on behalf of the Bristol team I feel a little red faced
about it, so apologies to all. We can reassure you all the Bristol Bid *is*
alive and well and we plan to make up for our slow start next Saturday in
the second round of judging next week.

We'll be answering the questions posed by the judges on the Bristol Bid page
in the coming days and warmly welcome, additional comment, questions or just
ideas on how to add more value to the bid. So please read the bid and leave
your thoughts or ask questions about the bid and we'll do our best to answer
them as soon as we see them.

Steve Virgin

(Lead for the Bristol Wikimania 2013 Bid)