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Wikimania 2011: draft of detailed schedule published
Dear all,

I would like to point your attention to the fact that we published a first
detailed draft of the program for Wikimania 2011:

Of course it's not final, and there will quite a few changes down the road.
(As for the chapters mini conference, I'm going to suggest some draft plan
for that soon).

Yes, we know it's horribly crowded, but we had so many good submissions that
even after merging them together and doing all sorts of other creative
stuff, it still came out crowded! Yay for brevity and conciseness in

* If you submitted a presentation and you see that you cannot deliver it at
the planned time (or at all), let us know ASAP.
* If you submitted a presentation but it seems that you're not on the
schedule, but are still attending Wikimania and are eager to present, let us
know and we'll see what can be done. Maybe we'll do a late night conference
too :)
* If you spot some horrible inconsistency or thematic mismatch (talks are
organized by topic) or overlap or time clash or any other schedule accident,
let us know ASAP.
* If you have any convincing ideas on how to improve the schedule further,
let us know.

Thanks to the international program committee for helping us review and
score the submissions, and special thanks to Deror Avi who actually tried to
squeeze it all together.

See you all in Haifa soon!
(summer 2011 is thankfully proving in the meantime to be much much more
comfortable than summer 2010)

Harel Cain
Wikimania 2011 program chair