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Extension used in WikiMedia's fundraising drive
A nonprofit that I work for is based around a MediaWiki
wiki. We are running a project right now based on people submitting their personal
stories and photos (suitably anonymized), and we’d like to have a banner very
similar to the banner that WikiMedia uses for fundraising. Basically, we’d like
a rotating set of calls to action with photos that each link to special web
pages that include the same photos and someone’s more detailed story.
The software that Wikipedia uses for fundraising would be
perfect for this. Is that software released? If not, is there a way to
replicate it? We have some PHP expertise in the team, but can't afford to code anything too sophisticated from scratch.
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Re: Extension used in WikiMedia's fundraising drive [ In reply to ]
That would be the CentralNotice[1] extension. although, If it just a
single wiki you can just use a SiteNotice[2].


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