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MediaWiki Extensions Security Release Supplement

With the security/maintenance release of MediaWiki 1.31.4 / 1.32.4 / 1.33.1
[0], we would also like to provide this supplementary announcement of
wmf-deployed extensions [1] with now-public security patches and backports

== MobileFrontend ==
* (T229541, CVE-2019-14807) - Javascript injection in edit summary on
mobile site.

* (T230576, CVE-2019-15124) - XSS in edit summary for ex:MobileFrontend

== CheckUser ==
* (T207094 [task to remain private], CVE-2019-16529) - Oversighted edit
summaries still visible in CheckUser results

== AbuseFilter ==
* (T224203 [task to remain private], CVE-2019-16528) - Oversighting the
user who performed an edit doesn't hide it from the abuse filter log

The Wikimedia Security Team recommends updating these extensions to the
current master branch or supported release branches [3] as soon as
possible. As you may have noticed, some of the referenced Phabricator tasks
above are still private. Unfortunately, when security issues are reported,
sometimes sensitive information is exposed and since Phabricator is
historical, we cannot make these tasks public without exposing this
sensitive information. If you have any additional questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact or file a security task
within Phabricator.


Scott Bassett
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