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MediaWiki 1.11.0 release candidate 1
Things have finally calmed down for a couple days, so here we go! :)
This is a release candidate of the Fall 2007 snapshot release of MediaWiki.

A final .0 release will come in a couple days; this is a chance to
double-check for any major regressions, say with installation or
compatibility with configurations we haven't had a chance to test ourselves.

Detailed release notes available at:


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MD5 checksum:
0fbe6157c0cd046dee7279c7ddb69367 mediawiki-1.11.0rc1.tar.gz

SHA-1 checksum:
e029956e3bbf3b2913703ecc93759840e87d1206 mediawiki-1.11.0rc1.tar.gz

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